Kids Yoga + Midfulness Class-6 Week Series
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Kids Yoga + Midfulness Class-6 Week Series

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Class:

Kids yoga classes offer students the opportunity to explore the world of yoga in a fun, playful, art-centered way. Poses, yoga mudras, breath work and relaxation techniques are incorporated to develop body awareness, teach mindfulness and manage the stresses of everyday life.  In addition to a newfound sense of peace, students will leave with multiple crafts and techniques that can be utilized within their everyday lives. Please bring a yoga mat or towel, water bottle and wear comfortable clothing.

  • Price: $100 for 6 week session

  • Time: Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00 pm

  • Dates: June 12- July 24 (no class the 1st week of July)

Class Descriptions:

Week 1: Students will learn the basics of yoga and it’s benefits through the book, “Sadie Loves Yoga.” Yoga is not just about the body, it is a combination of the mind, body, and breath. This class will introduce students to techniques to better connect with those three pillars.

Week 2: Students will dive deeper into the practice of yoga, learning new poses through the book, “I Am Yoga.” Throughout the class, children will experience new mindfulness techniques and will leave with an interactive reference sheet that shows many yoga poses.

Week 3: This week, students will take a deeper look at their emotions through the book, “Moody Cow Meditates.” They will utilize their own emotions, as well as glitter, to create a mind jar to take home with them!

Week 4: Students will be empowered through the book, “The Most Magnificent Thing.” This class will give kids powerful tools to utilize when they get frustrated and they will learn the power of teamwork by creating a human sculpture.

Week 5: Students will learn about the power of their breath through the book, “My Magic Breath.” They will also decorate pinwheels as a reminder to breathe to take home with them!

Week 6: Students will learn about their energy centers, chakras as well as… (you ladies take it from here)

About the Instructor:

Amy Jenkins is an educator and yoga instructor who currently resides in West Des Moines, IA. She holds a master’s degree in education and is currently completing her coursework towards a master’s in school counseling. She is driven by her mission of spreading peace and mindfulness to our future, children. Amy’s career started as an elementary music teacher. After ten years in the classroom, Amy realized she needed some serious self-care and left to become a yoga instructor. Soon, she discovered kids yoga, receiving her teen, kids and toddler yoga teaching certification in 2018. Now Amy teaches kids yoga classes, collaborates with local school districts, and offers mindfulness professional development opportunities for teachers. In August, Amy will be joining the team at Challenge to Change in Dubuque, Iowa, to teach kids yoga in the schools.

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